Fem tomma / Five empties

Fem produkter jag har använt upp. / Five empty products. 

Maria Åkerberg Serum clearing. 

A faceserum I’ve bought a couple times. I really like it but and I want to buy it again. I’m all about MÅ’s faceproducts. 

Yves Rocher Lemon basil Shower gel.

I haven’t tried YR shower gels before but I find this to be a little.. dry in a way. Like when you rinse it off it feels like your skin is dry. But it smells good! 

Redken scalp relief oil detox shampoo.

My favourite shampoo.. Bought this over and over again. It really works great for my oily scalp!  

Rituals Shanti shower soothing shower oil. 

I liked it. But it didn’t do any big difference on my skin. The smell is OK but not my favourite. 

Rituals Yogi flow foaming shower gel sensation

I love Rituals foaming shower gels, but this smell is just OK and not a favourite of mine. It feels just like the other foaming gels so I like it! I rather have the orange or light blue one, even though I thiiiink I’m allergic to the orange one…


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Pernilla, född -91. Från norrland. Att få vara kreativ. Att vara sjuk. Att vara människa.


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